Native Browser Wrapper with HTML5 & CSS3

This blog is due for an update and I’ve got a good one finally.  There’s this open-source project called OpenWebKitSharp that’s so heavily underrated, it’s ridiculous.  Apparently it’s run by GT Web Software, which is surprising — I don’t mean to undercut them, but their projects are great, they just don’t look like much at first glance.  They have something truly valuable to many developers on their hands and I don’t think they even realize it.

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ExtJS GridView autoFill & forceFit

It’s no surprise grid layouts can be tricky in ExtJS. After much struggle, I’d like to point out an obvious that isn’t well documented – ExtJS GridPanels scrollbars, and those scrollbars are always accounted for unless configured otherwise.

If you happen to be using autoFill & forceFit with autoHeight, you’ll notice there’s still a gaping void of 10 pixels or so to the side of your columns, this is where scrollOffset comes in. scrollOffset is used to predict where a scrollbar would be, just set it to 0 and enjoy your new, nicely formatted, grid! This also works with Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel, of course.

// Perfect full-width columns!
new Ext.grid.GridPanel{
	autoHeight: true,
	viewConfig: {
		autoFill: true,
		scrollOffset: 0

Understanding jQuery Plugins

jQuery Logo

If you’re here, I’m sure it’s no surprise jQuery is an easy library to use. jQuery may be easy, but it still has its quirks and can be difficult for some to grasp beyond basic functionality and concepts. No worries, I’ve got a simple guide here to help break down code, that may seem like overly complex syntax, into simple thoughts and patterns that can be easily understood.

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